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Obama’s Weakness as a Leader Comes Shining Through! … J. D. Longstreet

POINTING FINGEREditor’s Note: This commentary was originally published in August of 2008. Given the similarity of current events in the Ukraine with those in Georgia in 2008, we thought you might enjoy a brief comparison of just how Obama reacted then as opposed to how he is reacting today. JDL


Obama’s Weakness as a Leader Comes Shining Through!

A Commentary  by J. D. Longstreet 


“I strongly condemn the outbreak of violence in Georgia and urge an immediate end to armed conflict.”  Thus was the pitiful, pathetic, statement from the man who would be President of the US, Barack Hussein Obama. It was a near childish, supplication, very nearly a plea, for the bad guys, Russia, to stop beating up on the little guy, Georgia.   It was exactly what I was expecting, almost word for word, from Mr. Obama.

If Russia’s invasion of Georgia demonstrated nothing else, it should have demonstrated to American voters where the real leadership ability lies in the two candidates for President of the US.  Although I am not going to vote for Mr. McCain, he demonstrated that he instantly understood what was going on with Putin’s Russia.

In any face-off between Obama and Putin, my money is on Putin, every time.  It’s not even a fair contest. 

The “Little Dictator”, Putin, is a product of the Soviet KGB.  No matter the Soviet Union is gone; Putin still thinks and acts as a top KGB agent, which he was.  As we have said in other writings, the invasion of Georgia was a long planned event.  It did not just happen overnight.  Our badly weaken intelligence services missed it completely. That should not have happened.  One of the first priorities of the next President should be to rebuild our intelligence community, even if that means closing a shop or two and starting over.

Mr. Obama is a product of the American Left, which is inherently weak.  If members of the American Political Left share anything in common, it is their belief that they are intellectually superior to everybody else.  I have known many American leftists in my lifetime, some as friends, and every one of them shared this trait.  Why, they will even tell you of their intellectual superiority and boast about it.  They are, at all times, the smartest people in the room.

Well, I am just a dumb ole country boy from the foothills of the Carolinas… but… as dumb as I am, I know a fool when I see oneThe beginning of foolishness is the belief that you are the superior of all people in wisdom.  It assures that you will fail, and fail “hard”, at some point in your “stellar” life. Mr. Obama comes across as one of those intellectual leftists who have been “educated beyond their abilities”.


There is Good and there is Evil in this world. Evil doesn’t give a damn how smart you are.  In fact Evil will use your “smartness” against you.  A truly smart man/woman knows better that to ever attempt to negotiate with Evil. Evil doesn’t negotiate. Evil does what it pleases until Good smacks it down… hard.  Even then Good must be ready to smack Evil down again and again and again ad infinitum.

Mr. Obama demonstrated his naiveté, as well as his inability to understand that Mr. Putin could not have cared less what he (Obama) had to say about his (Putin’s) plans for Georgia.  My guess is… Putin enjoyed a deep belly laugh at Mr. Obama’s limp-wristed diplomacy.  Mr. Obama has just had a taste of one of the drawbacks of being a citizen of the world… he has no leverage.  Being a leader of the world, on the other hand, has leverage AND gravitas.  Mr. Obama has neither.

If Putin doesn’t blow all his Petro-dollars too soon we will have the Russian Bear at our throats again.  If I had any suggestions to make to our intelligence community, it would be to keep a couple of our spy satellites trained on Cuba looking for long cylindrical shapes that might indicate the reintroduction of Russian missiles into Cuba aimed at the soft underbelly of the US.  It is almost a given those missiles are going to pop up in Venezuela. If, and when they do, the US must be prepared to take them out. That will necessarily involve military action.  When the time comes, the US must act decisively and not shrink from doing what must be done to insure the security of the country.  I am convinced that will not happen with Obama in the Oval Office.

Yes, as has often been stated over the past few days, the bear is back.  The US desperately needs a counterweight to Putin and, as we have seen over the same past few days, it darned sure isn’t Mr. Obama.

J. D. Longstreet 


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